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iod, no one wanted to give up their bird," says Bergler. Additionally, the mood in the home improved as the ▓elderly folks had something to discuss with one another an▓d something to do. Sim

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ilar positive results come from a study pairing dogs with the long-term unemployed. The dogs proved to be a boon. "The d▓og made sure there was a structured day.▓ The human can't just goof o

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ff all day and sit in front of the TV," says Bergler. Chongqing spider-ma▓n climbs over walls and roofs freehand, better than a catPu Xiao, who lives in the University Town, Shapingba Distr

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ict, can climb over a four-meter-high w▓all freehand, and make a rotation on the vertical wall without using any tool. Pu can also▓ overcome obstacles without putting his legs on the floor,

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and leap between two low-rise buildings like a▓ cat. He is therefore known as the Chongqing version of "spider-man".The "kong vault is my favorite action." On the afternoon of November 9, Pu?/p>

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?practiced the "kong vault" at a derelict depot four kilometers from Nanan District. He sprinted▓ from a distance of five meters before vaultin▓g over a meter-high wooden shelf, and then vaul

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